For Brands & Retailers

Pixavo is for e-commerce and brick and mortar players

Pixavo is channel agnostic because it takes the best of the offline world (relationships, engagement, styling) and the best of the online world (digital assets, 24/7 access, inspiration) to meet the customer where she is and when she wants to transact.

Pixavo is a must-have for brands are looking to solidify their direct to consumer path.

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For Independent Consultants, Designers & Stylists

Pixavo is the efficient tool you've been wishing for

Finally, you have one powerful tool to style, design and sell from anywhere. You can finally ditch those clunky links and PhotoShop. Your data and message history will be in one place instead of across many tools. You also don't have to wait for your clients (who are busy) to see you in person because now you can share your amazing talents with them remotely and make it easy for them to buy.

Pixavo will transform your business so that you can sell from anywhere with the swipe of a finger and your clients can buy anytime with the touch of a button.

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Pixavo enables next generation mobile commerce.

Chicago, IL


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Pixavo is the only end-to-end mobile "concierge commerce" platform and iOS technology designed exclusively for stylists and sales associates to increase revenue in-person or remotely. The modern customer is busy, store traffic is declining, online conversions are not ideal and discounting is unsustainable.

Winning brands will GO where the client is, GIVE her an efficient experience and SELL to her through styling, service and true personalization.