Team Member 1

Mary Liz Lehman - CEO

Mary Liz founded and ran a multi-million dollar, omni-channel clothing retailer that was lauded as a top shopping destination by the N.Y. Times. Her past roles include: Senior Account Executive at VISA USA on the U.S. Bank consumer and small business credit team, Management Consulting and U/X Design at C-bridge/eXcelon in Boston for Seagate, Motorola, EIG and VISA USA. Mary Liz holds an MBA from Kellogg (Northwestern University) and a Bachelor's from Saint Mary's in Notre Dame, IN. Mary Liz also learned how to code (Rails) at 1871, Chicago's tech hub.

Team Member 2

Ross Bell - CTO

Ross is a full-stack engineer with expertise in architecting asynchronous distributed systems and multi-tiered web and mobile APIs. Prior to Pixavo, Ross built and led engineering teams at Trunk Club. His past roles include: SaaS engineer at Backstop Solutions and Datatrak, Reasearch & Development across academia and the Department of Defense (Texas A&M, UNOmaha, Raytheon and NASA). Ross holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, Omaha.

Pixavo enables next generation mobile commerce.

Chicago, IL


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Pixavo is the only end-to-end mobile "concierge commerce" platform and iOS technology designed exclusively for stylists and sales associates to increase revenue in-person or remotely. The modern customer is busy, store traffic is declining, online conversions are not ideal and discounting is unsustainable.

Winning brands will GO where the client is, GIVE her an efficient experience and SELL to her through styling, service and true personalization.