Design is not just what itlooks and feelslike. Design is how it works.

— Steve Jobs


Pixavo's native Stylist app (iPad and iPhone) is designed exclusively for brands, stylists, retailers and designers to sell through 1:1 styling and contextualization. Feature-rich, the stylist app is not just a powerful clienteling, CRM and productivity software. It is an END-TO-END digital styling and sales tool that makes all of those important data sets actionable and revenue generating. .


The Pixavo Consumer app (iPhone) is connected to the Pixavo Styling app. Using best-in-class technology, your clients will enjoy personalized recommendations, styling, inspiration at the product level, easy shopping, messaging and one-click checkout. Apps generate exponential revenue. Be prepared for an increase in conversions, retention and revenue.


The Pixavo platform is a distributed SaaS system that supports Pixavo's iOS apps, administrative reporting, a parallel web experience, a fully featured REST API and background data processing. Our platform is hosted in the cloud using today's leading technologies to ensure accessibility, performance, and reliability.

Finally, the channel is truly irrelevant because Pixavo blurs the line between offline and online - taking the best from both worlds and making it about the client. Both apps are delightful, intuitive and branded, thoughtfully designed by industry veterans.

Brands use Pixavo to elevate the customer experience, converting relationships into revenue. Pixavo’s mobile commerce technology transcends today’s channel barriers by digitizing in-person service and making the transaction one-click away. Pixavo enables the future; CONCIERGE COMMERCE.

Pixavo is an end-to-end SaaS platform including powerful iOS apps for brands, retailers, designers and stylists to connect, inspire and do business with their customers. Every feature is designed to double your conversions, basket sizes and frequency of transactions. Pixavo is a game-changer for your business.

Drive the Sale Solutions

Conversational Commerce

Messaging is how we all communicate -- it is fast and efficient. A whopping 98% of texts are read compared to only 20% of emails. The future of commerce will be about conversations that are both message-enabled and transaction-enabled.

Digital Styling & Inspiration

Selling through styling and contextualization increases conversions and increases the basket size. Until now, this could only be done in-person. Pixavo digitizes the natural workflow of styling and selling.

One-Click Checkout

Brands must eliminate the friction at checkout. Almost 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned at checkout. Furthermore, if your client can't come into the store, yet she wants to buy, will you force her to call you with her credit card?

1:1 Sales Technology

People buy from people who inspire them. Pixavo believes in tech-enabled humans. But not all technology is equal. People will only use technology that is delightful, easy to use and germane to their goals.

Actionable CRM

A robust CRM is paramount. Until now, the most powerful data has been offline. Pixavo digitizes this customer data, marries it with existing online data and most importantly, makes it actionable.

Scalable Clienteling

Any good sales person knows how powerful clienteling is. Unfortunately, today's tools are woefully archaic and clunky. Once you're using Pixavo, you'll wonder how you ever did business before.

Digital Styling

Double conversions and basket sizes

If you sell anything that is visual, the Pixavo Digital Styling tool is a game-changer for your business. Styling as a service is the new differentiator. In providing your client personalized product contextualization, you will see a dramatic increase in conversions and basket sizes. Today, this can only be done in-person or by using several inefficient tools. Pixavo's technology digitizes the natural workflow of styling with an intuitive and efficient tool that is saving our clients tens of thousands of hours in productivity and doubling their conversions.

To earn their business, you must inspire your clients first.

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Conversational Commerce

Conversations drive commerce

The future of commerce will be about conversations that are both message-enabled and transaction-enabled.

You already know that personalized service is the new standard for breaking through the clutter. But, your clients don't have time to see you in-person. Today's methods of providing meaningful service, remotely, are clunky and inefficent. In the online world, the modern client has less time to scroll through thousands of product. What if your client could simply message an expert who could do the leg work and serve up personalized options instantly?

It's not enough to say you provide outstanding service. You have to make it seamless for your client from anywhere, anytime.

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1:1 Sales Technology

People buy from people who inspire them

Pixavo believes in tech-enabled humans, empowered with data and digital assets. Pixavo is built for 1:1 selling and buying because that is the future.

80% of your business comes from the top 20% of your clients. To retain them, brands will need to engage with clients through true personalization and service. Brands who take these clients for granted will continue to suffer from a leaky bucket.

If standing out through true engagement is your goal, there is no other technology built to enable it.

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1-Click Checkout

Make buying easy

Almost 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned at checkout. Brands must eliminate the friction at checkout.

Pixavo makes the checkout process seamless so that the transaction can be completed with the touch of a button.

It's hard enough to get your client through the sales funnel. When you do, make it easy or risk losing the sale.

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Scalable Clienteling

What if you could serve 100 times as many clients?

Any good sales person, retailer or brand is clienteling. The problem is, the process is woefully time-consuming and clunky. What's more, your customer is mobile and busy. She does not have time to look through your 69 page pdf lookbook, come in to your store or attend your shopping event. She may not even live near your store. You should be able to serve her remotely and close sales.

Pixavo was thoughtfully and delightfully designed by someone who knows how to clientele. Say goodbye to clunky pdfs and off-brand links. Say hello to seamless, drag and drop clienteling that takes seconds.

Once you're using Pixavo, you'll wonder how you ever did business before.

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Pixavo enables next generation mobile commerce.

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Pixavo is the only end-to-end mobile "concierge commerce" platform and iOS technology designed exclusively for stylists and sales associates to increase revenue in-person or remotely. The modern customer is busy, store traffic is declining, online conversions are not ideal and discounting is unsustainable.

Winning brands will GO where the client is, GIVE her an efficient experience and SELL to her through styling, service and true personalization.