We are happy to answer any questions you have. The best next step is to request a demo or email us at hello@pixavo.com. In the meantime, we have put together a list of common questions we've fielded from our clients and prospective clients. Once you're on the Piaxavo platform, you'll access detailed best practices and FAQs for using the technology as well as dedicated and ongoing support from our customer success team who will help your team with on-boarding and implementation. Pixavo also provides sales training to our partner clients.

Integration is not required. While the full end-to-end experience is most powerful when Pixavo integrates with a brand’s order management system, there is a modified option that requires no integration. The stylist or brand will still enjoy immense benefit without full integration. The extent to which Pixavo integrates is at the discretion of the brand.

The majority of the heavy lifting for integration is done by the Pixavo development team. Most of our clients have been integrated within 1 to 2 weeks. Pixavo has already integrated with various platforms.

No. While the experience in the app is exceptional and provides 1-click checkout, consumers can still receive recommendations and communicate with stylists via email or text.

There is no cost to consumers. Brands/retailers pay a subscription fee and then invite their top clients to download the Pixavo consumer app or their own white-label app from The App Store. The app requires an invite code from the consumer, but not a fee.

Pixavo is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) firm. Pixavo is used by brands, retailers, stylists and designers to engage with, retain and grow their own clientbase.

Native mobile apps generate 5X the revenue and 2 xs the conversion rate of mobile friendly e-commerce sites. That said, it is expensive to build and maintain a consumer app and due to app fatigue, brands are worried that consumers will not download the app, even after the investment. Pixavo solves both of these problems. First, our white label consumer app allows retailers to customize the app’s look and feel for a fraction of the cost. Second, we believe that brands need to give a consumer a reason to download an app. Most apps are simply an extension of an e-commerce site. Pixavo's connected and customer centric styling app changes the value proposition for your clients.

All of the above. Pixavo can be used by any brand or retailer that is looking to increase their direct to consumer revenue, engender loyalty and improve retention. Pixavo can be used both in-person and remote, making it the perfect product for traditional retailers, online retailers, omni-channel brands and direct selling firms. Pixavo is a must-have for marketing professionals, in-store sales associates, e-commerce concierge stylists and independent consultants.

Pixavo is the first technology built for stylists by someone who knows how they do their job each day. The Stylist app is intuitive, easy and fun. It digitizes the natural flow of clienteling and styling that is happening in the physical world today. Sales associates and stylists are currently forced to use clunky and time consuming methods to clientele. By contrast, one of Pixavo's partner retailers has made over 1,000 style boards, saved over 30,000 hours in productivity and is enjoying a 133% increase in conversions.

No, Pixavo is meant for 1:1 selling remotely or in-store. With our mobile POS, retailers have digital assets and inspiration to help close the sale.

No. Stylists and retailers can use an iPad, iPhone or our parallel web experience. That said, iPads (or the web) are highly recommended for look creation because the larger screen enables an optimal experience. We do not currently offer an android app.

Some are digitally native, emerging retail concierge players and traditional retailers who are enjoying a more than double increase in conversion rates and a significant growth in basket sizes.

We charge a subscription fee to use our platform and apps and in some cases, one-time customization fees. We are happy to provide a custom proposal to you.

You will own any data you create in the Pixavo ecosystem. We also offer a robust API to give you access to this data whenever you want.

Pixavo employs industry standard data security methods and partners with leading cloud vendors to ensure your data remains secure and only accessible by you and people you explicitly grant access. Our platform is built upon services that continuously undergo security checks and procedures to ensure you don't have to deal with the headache of added IT administration.

Pixavo enables next generation mobile commerce.

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Pixavo is the only end-to-end mobile "concierge commerce" platform and iOS technology designed exclusively for stylists and sales associates to increase revenue in-person or remotely. The modern customer is busy, store traffic is declining, online conversions are not ideal and discounting is unsustainable.

Winning brands will GO where the client is, GIVE her an efficient experience and SELL to her through styling, service and true personalization.