Join Our Team

Pixavo is building the next generation of retail technology. At this early stage in the company, we’re always looking for smart people who get things done. We have an exciting path ahead of us, and we’ll be growing the team the entire way there.

If any of these positions sound like a good fit for you, get in touch with us at Including something like a resume would probably be a good idea as well! Qualified candidates must be authorized to work in the United States. No recruiters or agencies, please.

Customer Success (Chicago)

Pixavo has a fast growing customer base of brands and retailers in the fashion and home furnishings space. We strive to build strong, trusted partnerships with all of these customers. In Customer Success, you act as an advisor and advocate for our customers. You will be responsible for training, onboarding, and helping customers effectively engage with our platform.

Customer Success Manager

Our customers will grow to rely on you as a key factor in their day-to-day success. They know you’re the goto person and they’ll ask for you by name (even though we think success is a team effort). As an advocate for our customers, you’ll also have a strong voice in product development as we continue to grow Pixavo’s platform. Great candidates for this position have stellar commnunication skills and quickly master new software.

Engineering (Chicago, Denver)

We’re looking for smart engineers who want to get involved on the ground level. Our stack is Ruby on the backend, with iOS (Swift 4) and JS on the frontend. You should be comfortable with at least one of those languages. You should also be comfortable with the pace and structure associated with building software from the ground up. We’re not maintaining one million lines of legacy code here; we’re making pivotal decisions in greenfield environments, and we’d expect you to be a driving part of that.

We don’t think it makes much sense to stipulate X years of experience or expertise in some arbitrary list of libraries. Instead, we’ll expect that you’ve achieved some broad milestones and are excited about continued opportunities to experiment and grow, regardless of your skill level…

In general, you understand that the most impressive software comes from collaboration. Sometimes you’re cranking away with some tunes on, and other times you’re excited to help show somebody how to solve a problem that gave you trouble in the past. You’re also really good at taking large, ambitious ideas, and turning them into many small, readily achievable tasks. We solve hard problems at Pixavo, because those are the only ones worth building a business on top of, and it feels good to go home after having added a little more value to the platform every day.

Backend Ruby Engineer

You’ve maintained RESTful APIs and asynchronous job processing systems in a dynamic language like Ruby. You’re comfortable with cloud-based tools like Heroku and AWS. You also know how to dig into and diagnose performance issues. You’re not dogmatic about any one thing, but automated test coverage typically feels like the right move. Some things we use: Ruby 2.4, Rails 4.2, Postgres 9.6, Sidekiq 4.2, New Relic.

Frontend Javascript Engineer

You’ve maintained SPAs and know when to follow practicality and pragmatism over trend. You’ve worked on top of RESTful APIs and know your way around Postman or something like it. Spending so much time in the frontend, you’re also in tune with UI design and consider CSS friend rather than foe.

iOS (Swift) Engineer

You’re current on iOS development best practices and the latest direction from Apple. You’re comfortable with Storyboard and Auto Layout, but also understand its limitations. You consider a well-built RESTful API to be one of your greatest allies. You also probably have at least one app in the App Store, too.