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Double your conversions

To stand out and break through the clutter, you must personalize and give your clients a reason to buy from you, anywhere and anytime. Pixavo empowers you to delight, inspire and connect with your clients to drive the transaction.

Triple the # of transactions

Today's client is busy and therefore has less time to visit stores and events or scroll through hundreds of product online. You must extend the shopping experience outside of your 4 walls or your website to meet the client where she is with an efficient and delightful shopping experience.

Increase basket sizes

The only way to increase basket size is by selling through contextualization and styling. The best sales people have been doing this for decades. Unfortunately, this capability has been limited to an in-person experience. Pixavo enables the digitization of this powerful selling technique.

Retain your clients

If 80% of your profitable revenue is generated by the top 20% of clients, you must retain and grow the # of clients in the top 20%. Growth cannot be achieved without solving for a leaky bucket problem. The stakes are higher than ever so brands need to deliver an exceptional experience that starts with making it EASY to buy.

Pixavo enables next generation mobile commerce.

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Pixavo is the only end-to-end mobile "concierge commerce" platform and iOS technology designed exclusively for stylists and sales associates to increase revenue in-person or remotely. The modern customer is busy, store traffic is declining, online conversions are not ideal and discounting is unsustainable.

Winning brands will GO where the client is, GIVE her an efficient experience and SELL to her through styling, service and true personalization.